About Us

Azhitechs Group has started since 1984, during industrial sufficiency, with the name of AZARETTESAL Co. on the basis of industrial components in Shahid Rajaiee Industrial Zone in Tabriz, since 2000 in continue of development plans, it has started manufacturing drive train components by establishing Majmooeh Sazan Sahand Co. To see Fannavarihaye Pishrafte Azarabadegan Co. has been founded on the basis of manufacturing commercial vehicles in order to support Iran's transportation system from 2005, where it has succeeded to obtain exclusive dealership of production and sale of MAZ, Ginaf, Forland, Tking and MAZ-MAN trucks. As one of leading manufacturers of heavy vehicles, recently it has achieved to produce 24% IPI of parts of commercial vehicles locally for EURO 4, EURO 5, and EURO 6 types trucks.